INFOSEK 2007 - Nova Gorica
22. - 23. 11. 2007
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Pleasant ambient with plenty of useful informations.

Katarina Šubic, Lekarna Ljubljana


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Workshop Oracle Incident Response and Forensics Security Course: 697€ + 22% VAT

Workshop White Hat Hacking: 297 € + 22% VAT 

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Administrative assistant congress 2 days (29th nov. - 30th nov. 2018)
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CIO Forum (29th nov. - 30th nov. 2018)
CIO Forum (28th nov. - 30th nov. 2018)
GDPR (DPO)(28th nov. - 30th nov. 2018)
DIGIDOC (28th nov. - 30th nov. 2018)

Workshop 1: Oracle Incident Response and Forensics Security Course
Workshop 2: Usposabljanje odgovorne osebe za varstvo podatkov (SLO)

Workshop 3: White Hat Hacking

Zajtrk s Petom Finniganom

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