INFOSEK 2007 - Nova Gorica
22. - 23. 11. 2007
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All themes of security presented in one day on the same place. Also very good and careful selected lecturers.

Andrej Feldin, Cetis d.d.

INFOSEK 2008 - FORUM Conference

Let safety of your information be as good as your morning coffee.

For the fifth year in a row we try to highlight the importance of information security among Slovene companies and organizations.

  • Leading security topics, with leading experts - up-to date sessions, good practices, emerging trends and a lot of opportunities for networking and exchanging opinions.
  • Cooperation with leading foreign and Slovenian institutions for greater information security awareness.
  • Discounts for early applications, students, groups.
For more info call: 00 386 5 338 48 50

Pre-Conference Day

Kevin MitnickMost famous (former) hecker ever in Nova Gorica!

June 9. 2008

Join us to hear the world‟s most famous former hacker share his perspective on the threat of "social engineering"-a highly effective type of attack that exploits the human element of corporate security. With more than fifteen years of experience in exploring computer security, Kevin Mitnick is a largely self-taught expert in exposing the vulnerabilities of complex operating systems and telecommunications devices. Mitnick published two books, The Art of Deception in 2002 and The Art of Intrusion (2005) and has served as a keynote speaker at numerous industry events

His lectures are sold out all over the world in advance. Make sure of reserving your seat!