INFOSEK 2008 - Nova Gorica
22. - 23. 11. 2007
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Interesting topics, current problems and lecturers, with good knowledge on their field. I like it.

Miloš Peternel, SKB banka d.d.
Konferenca INFOSEK

INFOSEK 2017 Conference
Secure Your World

Join us and connect to the world of Information Security through Slovenia! 

Okrogla miza
29. 11.- 1. 12. 2017

Nova Gorica, hotel Perla


Join us for the fifteenth successful year of INFOSEK.

Come, interact and learn with information security professionals from around the world about the latest trends, events and issues in information security and information risk management.

  • Meet and interact with our world-class speakers
  • See leading products from vendors who can show you the latest technology and skills
  • Connect and collaborate with hundreds of other Information Security and Information Risk Management professionals from around the world.


Automotive security, Andrea Palanca, Politecnico di Milano

Reducing resistance - Adopting Information Security in the Energy sector, Bozidar Spirovski, H4

Conflict of the GDPR alongside non-EU law - case study, Janko Šavnik, Addiko Bank d.d.

We (micro-)patch 0days and so can you, Luka Treiber, Acros d.o.o.

GDPR - A Hacker Goldmine, Michael Stout, Nemsec

Ransomware evolved into AI, Mane Piperevski, Piperevski & Associates

Easiest way to get to GDPR compliance, Mane Piperevski, Piperevski & Associates

Internet of Things - Opportunities and Threads complying GDPR, Stefan Klaming, IoT40 Systems GmbH

Privacy Impact Assessment (GDPR), Goran Chamurovski, INTEGRA Solution

SIEMs as proactive approach through the GDPR, Darko Mihajlovski, HALKBANK AD Skopje

Bike Safe - repurposing a smart phone to affordably protect a motorcycle, Sebastjan Vuga, Analitica d.o.o.

Email is the #1 threat vector – How to protect users and technology, Piotr Nowotarsky, Barracuda Networks

Hacking FinTech, Michael Stout, Nemsec

Core Banking Systems, Crypto coins and other business solutions are under attack, Balázs Hambalkó, Balasec, AS4 based qualified e-Delivery service as a platform for B2X communication, Pavel Reberc, EIUS d.o.o.

How Digital Business Transformation is driving the need for Modern Identity, Irma Vasiliauskaite, Entrust Datacard

2FA authentication in mobile applications: challenges and opportunities, Bojan Ždrnja, INFIGO IS d.o.o.

From Automation to Artificial Intelligence, threats of the future, Holger Spohn, NATO

Changing the equation with Cisco Security, Ljupcho Joshevski, Cisco Systems

Automating detection and security operations with artificial intelligence, Akos Bodis, Vectra in Marko Kašić, A1 Slovenija d.d.

Safeguarding your infrastructure & ending human risks with a new gateway for IT, Markus Westphal, Wallix in Marko Kašić, A1 Slovenija d.d.

Digitalization and new industrial IoT platforms, Adrian Pinter, Siemens AG

The Impact of Ransomware to your business, Andreas Persson, Palo Alto networks


Remote Work: Do It Right, And Reap the Benefits, Jure Šutar, RDI Worldwide

Preventing cyber attacks in the cloud, Peter Lechman, Palo Alto Networks