INFOSEK 2008 - Nova Gorica
22. - 23. 11. 2007
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All themes of security presented in one day on the same place. Also very good and careful selected lecturers.

Andrej Feldin, Cetis d.d.
Konferenca INFOSEK

INFOSEK 2016 Conference
Secure Your World

Join us and connect to the world of Information Security through Slovenia! 

Okrogla miza
30. 11.- 2. 12. 2016

Nova Gorica, hotel Perla


Join us for the fourteenth successful year of INFOSEK.

Come, interact and learn with information security professionals from around the world about the latest trends, events and issues in information security and information risk management.

  • Meet and interact with our world-class speakers
  • See leading products from vendors who can show you the latest technology and skills
  • Connect and collaborate with hundreds of other Information Security and Information Risk Management professionals from around the world.


  • ICT Forensics Investigation on IPv6 Attacks, Mane Piperevski, Piperevski&Associates
  • Practical Packet Analysis, Saša (Sasha) Kranjac, Microsoft Certified Trainer | Certified EC-Council Instructor
  • Experience with IoT in a Smart City, Harald R. Raetzsch, CEO, IoT40 Systems AG
  • Combining IoT and Video Analysis for Major European Railroad Operators, Harald R. Raetzsch, CEO, IoT40 Systems AG
  • IT Audit of Information Systems by using a combination of ISO 27001:2013 standard and ITIL framework, Anel Tanović, Atia Consulting, ATIA Ltd Sarajevo 
  • Mobile Malware: a new way to stimulate its malicious behavior, Chengyu Zheng, Politecnico di Milano
  • Being mean to MEAN: attacking NoSQL applications, Bojan Ždrnja, Infigo IS d.o.o.
  • Cybersecurity law compliance – Czech Republic situation, Jan Mikulecky, NAKIT
  • Darktrace – introducing the automated network cyberdefense based on machine learning and advanced mathematics, Mateusz Flak, Darktrace, Si.mobil d.d.


  • The Highest Risk of the Cloud? Getting Out, Jan Mikulecky, NAKIT
  • Rethink your security strategy, Saša Jušić, INFIGO IS d.o.o.
  • The importance of branding for IT managers, Branka Novčić, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade 
  • Digital tourism, Branislav Miletić, Horwath consultancy