INFOSEK 2008 - Nova Gorica
22. - 23. 11. 2007
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Ana Pavlovski, Stelkom d.o.o.
Konferenca INFOSEK

INFOSEK 2014 Conference
Secure Your World

Join us and connect to the world of Information Security through Slovenia! 

Okrogla miza
November, 19-21, 2014

Nova Gorica, hotel Perla


Join us for the twelfth successful year of INFOSEK.

Come interact and learn with information security professionals from around the world about the latest trends, events and issues in information security and information risk management.

  • Meet and Interact with our world-class speakers
  • See leading products from vendors who can show you the latest technology and skills
  • Connect and collaborate with hundreds of other Information Security and Information Risk Management professionals from around the world.



Dev/Ops/Sec - Changing Security for the benefit of collaboration and speed: Daniel Blander, Techtonica

Next Generation Digital Banking and Retail enabled with Secure Identities: Hila Meller, CA Technologies

Evaluating Vulnerabilities - Doing it Better: Daniel Blander, Techtonica

Towards ransomware-resilient operating systems: Andrea Continella, Politecnico di Milano

So You Want to be the CSO: Daniel Blander, Techtonica

Prometheus: Analyzing WebInject-based Information Stealers: Andrea Continella, Politecnico di Milano

Lessons on Implementing Dev/Ops: Daniel Blander, TechtonicaDev/Ops

Laterally pwning Windows: Bojan Ždrnja, Infigo IS d.o.o.